5 Signs You’re With the Wrong Person

Are you questioning if you are with the person you are supposed to be with?

Are You Living In A Toxic Marriage?

Any relationship can be characterized as toxic, whether it is a friendship, romantic relationship, business partnership, family member, or marriage. In the case of a toxic marriage, divorce may become the only option in order to assure both partner's happiness if the toxic partner refuses to seek help. Toxic relationships are extremely draining. In these… Continue reading Are You Living In A Toxic Marriage?

7 Signs Your Spouse Secretly Wants a Divorce

I can confidently say that there are some very obvious things people do once they have set their mind on wanting a divorce. Awareness of these signs may allow you some time to give it all you have as a last-ditch effort of salvaging your marriage or at least mentally prepare yourself for what is about to happen.

A Cautionary Tale of Using Alcohol to Cope

With the "Me too" movement in full swing, I think it is time to share an extremely unpleasant part of my divorce story. Of all of the posts I've created, this one is the most difficult to write, yet I feel that this needs to be told in order to possibly prevent other women from… Continue reading A Cautionary Tale of Using Alcohol to Cope

Dear Hollywood, Stop Glamorizing Affairs

It never fails; I'm finally sitting down to watch a movie that I've been dying to see, but five minutes in and I'm already annoyed. Boy meets Girl. Boy marries Girl. Girl meets hotter, richer Boy and they bang into the sunset. The end. Why does everything have to be about unhappy couples cheating on… Continue reading Dear Hollywood, Stop Glamorizing Affairs