How Is Social Distancing Affecting Your Marriage?

Before I get started with this week’s post I want to take a minute to thank all of you who have been reading my blog for the last year. I am so excited to announce that at the beginning of the week I officially hit 100 followers!!! When I started this blog a little over a year ago I didn’t know if anyone would want to read what I had to say about marriage, relationships, and divorce, but I figured that if I could help even just one person to get through a bad day that it would be worth it. Some of you have reached out to me and have been brave enough to share your stories, others of you have thanked me for sharing mine, and a few of you have let me know that my advice has assisted you in your time of need. It is these interactions that let me know that I have accomplished my goal. Thank you for reading my posts, thank you for your supportive comments and thank you for allowing my experiences with divorce to help you with yours! I hope that you enjoy this week’s post.

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Trapped At Home

I have had a lot of time to think about social distancing, these last 3 weeks while I have I have been at house with my 2-year-old son, while my husband is working as an essential worker. As many of you may be experiencing, the cabin fever is getting real and I am starting to miss simple activities, such as having lunch with a friend or going to the park on a nice day. With all of the negativity and fear we are facing being stuck at home during this crisis, comes the realization that it could be much worse. I mean, I could be one of the former versions of myself and trapped in the house with an Ex…SCARY!

How is this crisis affecting your marriage? Are you learning anything new about yourself, your spouse, your relationship or lack-there-of? Each night when my husband gets home I am filled with a sense of relief. It is nice to have a partner to parent with and a person whom I love and respect to converse with. I can’t imagine how horrible my life would have been if I had to experience COVID-19 house arrest with one of my former partners during this time. The first one would have surely drove me into severe depression and I would be drunk every day with the second. I believe that it is in times of crisis or devastation that we can truly come to appreciate what we have and reevaluate what isn’t bringing value into our lives.

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Does your marriage feel like a breath of fresh air? Are you anxiously awaiting the next conversation with your spouse or are you already making the cocktails and sitting on pins and needles awaiting the next fight? Anyone can get on each others nerves being cooped up together 24/7, but if you feel like you want to jump out the window to get away from your partner, maybe it’s not just the pandemic. If you weren’t questioning the marriage before all hell broke loose in the world, you may just be feeling cabin fever. Once the virus is gone and we are allowed to see our friends and aren’t trapped in our homes anymore, it will more than likely repair the marriages that are going stir-crazy. Or maybe you were wondering if your marriage was headed for divorce before, “Safer At Home” was enforced and are beginning to see that maybe things aren’t actually safer at home.

Whether you have been deemed an essential worker and have to leave the house or are trapped inside with your spouse, this pandemic has caused a lot of stress and may be affecting your marriage negatively. Should you get divorced because you and your partner are on high-alert, are frustrated, fighting, or getting annoyed with each other? NO! We all said for better or for worse and this is the worse, my Friends. If you didn’t have major issues before COVID-19, then I wouldn’t be making plans to head to the courthouse once everything reopens.

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When life is allowed to get back to somewhat normal, give yourself some time to flow back into real life again. Have some friend time, go on a date with your spouse, and you will probably realize that stress and fear are what was making you miserable, not your spouse. In some cases though, this crisis may be breaking those cracks in your marriage wide open. This just may have been the kick in the ass you needed to file for divorce so that if there is a next time we are on lock-down you won’t have to wonder if facing the disease may be a better alternative to being stuck home with your partner.

I encourage you all to try to embrace the good in your lives, appreciate the things that are right, and take this time to reevaluate those things that are making the stress more stressful. I wish all of you health and happiness in this time of immense stress and fear! We will all get through this together (virtually). ❤

Love Always, Alex Prince – Creator & Editor-In-Chief of Damsel Divorcée

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