A Story of Break-ups, Parties, & Explosions

Whether it is a party, setting a fire, or cutting your hair, we all have something we have done as a way to liberate ourselves from our former lives and move on to the next stage.

7 Signs Your Spouse Secretly Wants a Divorce

I can confidently say that there are some very obvious things people do once they have set their mind on wanting a divorce. Awareness of these signs may allow you some time to give it all you have as a last-ditch effort of salvaging your marriage or at least mentally prepare yourself for what is about to happen.

A Cautionary Tale of Using Alcohol to Cope

With the "Me too" movement in full swing, I think it is time to share an extremely unpleasant part of my divorce story. Of all of the posts I've created, this one is the most difficult to write, yet I feel that this needs to be told in order to possibly prevent other women from… Continue reading A Cautionary Tale of Using Alcohol to Cope