We Are Stronger Together: International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day, Ladies!

Gender equality is an extremely important issue for all women. As a divorcée, you may struggle with gender inequality as you embark on the world of dating, due to the negative stigma of being a divorced woman.

You can shout, “GIRL POWER”, as loud as you want, but until you stop judging women who are single and divorced, or insulting women for their physical appearance or promiscuity, you are not an advocate of Women’s rights.

Sadly, it is not abnormal to hear men refer to women as, “damaged goods” or “sluts”, because of their single/divorced status. I encountered a few men like this when I ventured into the world of online dating in my mid 20s. When I turned someone down for a date, didn’t want a kiss at the end of the night, or told a man that I wasn’t looking for something serious, I had to face men with bruised egos, who said vicious comments about my lack of husband or slut-shamed me for dating as a man would. This kind of behavior is not only infuriating, but it is unacceptable! We, as women, need to make it known that we will no longer stand for this kind of treatment. We should be coming to each other’s defense, not joining in on the harassment.

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In our society women are taught to judge each other by the clothes we wear, our hair styles, weight, and makeup choices. We are told that we should be in constant competition with each other, rather than celebrating and encouraging our talents and accomplishments, as sisters. It is time that we dismiss this mindset and learn to embrace each other.

Let’s empower each other to better ourselves. Let’s support each other’s causes and entrepreneurial endeavors. Let’s defend each other when a man suggests we should act a certain way, because of our gender. Let’s build each other up, instead of tearing each other down! Let’s raise our daughters to be strong, kind, and empowered.

In order to achieve gender equality, it is essential for us to support the women in our communities. We need to demolish the double standards and prove that women are just as significant and capable as men. If women don’t support each other, men never will.

Photo by Lindsey LaMont on Unsplash

Take a moment today to reflect on how you can better support Women’s rights. Whether it is standing up for a woman who is being disrespected, being there for a girl friend who is going through a hard time, demanding equal pay in your workplace, advocating a woman who is running for office, or even following this blog to support a female entrepreneur (wink, wink); there are many ways in which we can build up the women in our communities and become an important part of the Women’s movement.

Girl Power!

Love Always, Alex Prince – Creator & Editor-In-Chief of Damsel Divorcée

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